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PHASE 1 RESEARCH (October 2016)



Damage to the Nerves

Damage to the Thyroid Gland

Insufficient Production of Thyroid Hormone


Fluoridated Water for Baby Formula



Occurrence of Hypothyroidism

Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

Treatment of Hypothyroidism with Iodine

Treatment of Hypothyroidism with Thyroid Hormone


Oxygenation of the Cells

Body Temperature

Lung Cancer

Alzheimer's Disease


Fluoride Study

Honey Bees and Other Pollinators

High Cholesterol Treatment





Alzheimer's Disease

Lung Cancer

Flu - An Infectious Disease

High Cholesterol Treatment

Optional Fluoridated Water



Coronavirus Cause and Prevention


The author of this paper is not a medical doctor. The contents are based on the personal experiences of himself and his family.


PHASE 1 RESEARCH (October 2016)


In my opinion, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public was the fluoridation of our potable water system, beginning some 60 years ago. Fluoride is very toxic, and has been used in the making of pesticides. Every student of chemistry, and that includes all medical personnel, knows that fluoride is more reactive than iodine, and therefore will displace this element from which the thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone. This is probably why hypothyroidism has become so prevalent.

For further explanation of the serious health effects of fluoride, please refer to the internet article, "The Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid Gland" by Dr. Barry Durant, a medical advisor to the United Kingdom on thyroid illnesses. 


1. Damage to the Nerves: A fluoride compound is one of the ingredients in the production of Sarin Gas that has been used in warfare to damage the nerves and ultimately destroy the muscles of a victim, thus causing death. Can you imagine the damage that any amount of fluoride can have on the thousands of nerves in the brain that regulates all of our body functions? Is it worth the gamble to ingest fluoride from either fluoridated water or toothpaste to ostensibly prevent tooth decay? 

2. Damage to the Thyroid Gland: Fluoride is very damaging to the thyroid gland and also the pituitary gland which controls the output of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). A fluoride compound, Fluorotyrosine, was used in 1937 to treat an over-active thyroid gland, but was soon discontinued as many patients suffered total thyroid gland loss. Will the continuous daily consumption of fluoridated water have the same effect? If that be the case, a damaged thyroid gland will result in hypothyroidism.

3. Insufficient Production of Thyroid Hormone: Worldwide, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is an iodine deficiency. It is a well-known fact that fluoride is more reactive than iodine and will therefore displace iodine. The thyroid gland will then no longer have the raw material from which to produce thyroid hormone, and the result is hypothyroidism. Metabolism slows down, less energy is produced, body temperature is reduced leading to infections, heart rate slows, blood flow is reduced, and less oxygen is delivered to the cells. Why is the medical profession risking hypothyroidism that leads to an oxygen deficiency to the cells and therefore many varying health problems? 

4. Fluorosis: Dental fluorosis is re-mineralization of the tooth enamel due to ingestion of fluoride during enamel formation. This begins as the permanent teeth are developing between birth and six years of age, and continues when drinking fluoridated water. Fluoride alters the tooth enamel from white hydroxyapatite to various brown shades of fluorohydroxyapatite. This revised tooth structure is supposed to be less prone to cavities. If fluoride is beneficial to the health of teeth, why does God make our teeth white instead of brown? 

Fluoride may be lessening tooth decay, but fluorosis has certainly created a very lucrative and expensive dental business in whitening teeth, smile design work such as veneers, and maybe even root canal work because of nerve damage to the teeth. After 50 years of water fluoridation, many European countries no longer consider the process worthwhile. They claim that tooth cavities are reduced by 25%, but there are harmful effects to the health because of fluoride.  

5. Fluoridated Water for Baby Formula: Several years ago, the Dental Association and the Pediatricians jointly recommended that fluoridated water should not be used in preparation of baby formula, the reason being that fluoride caused defective enamel, called fluorosis in the emerging teeth. A Harvard research study concluded that fluoride usage by children can interfere with their neurological development and will lead to a lower I.Q. This is not surprising as fluoride causes thyroid gland damage and also displaces iodine to cause hypothyroidism which leads to an oxygen deficiency in the brain. 

I was utterly amazed when I recently checked at various baby sales departments and learned that the baby formula waters sold, namely Baby Water, Nursery Water, and Target Stores Formula Water, all contained 0. 7 mg per liter of added fluoride. Who has now made the decision that baby formula water should contain the identical percentage of fluoride as potable water consumed by adults? This is preposterous!! A baby consumes about one liter of water per day, the same amount as an adult. Therefore, 0.7 mg of fluoride is available to damage their tiny thyroid gland which is probably about one-tenth the size of an adult thyroid gland. 

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1. General: In 1976, Dr. Broda Barnes published a very enlightening book entitled, "Hypothyroidism - the Unsuspected Illness." This book was based on his medical practice and research as an endocrinologist, dealing primarily with the many health problems that are initiated by a malfunctioning thyroid gland. The medical profession, in my opinion, has seemed to overlook this brilliant research. Fortunately, I came across this publication, and many of our family's health problems, after a discussion with a doctor, were resolved with an Armour thyroid prescription. These are described on 

2. Occurrence of Hypothyroidism: Large goiters were a major health concern in the early part of the nineteenth century. Intense research discovered that goiters were merely an over-worked thyroid gland that did not have a sufficient supply of iodine, the raw material required to produce thyroid hormones. This health issue which was called hypothyroidism was essentially resolved for many years with the advent of iodized salt. Hypothyroidism has now returned big time as the number of women with thyroid problems has doubled in the last ten years. It is claimed that the U.S. now has 27 million persons with a thyroid problem. Why is this once again occurring? There seems to be no answer. Can it be due to fluoridated water? Isn't this interesting! The government first required the addition of potassium iodide to table salt to increase our body's iodine content to prevent hypothyroidism, and now they require the addition of fluoride to our drinking water, thereby decreasing iodine to the thyroid gland which ultimately leads to hypothyroidism. 

3. Diagnosis of Hypothyroidism: 'Hypothyroidism is difficult to diagnose and also to cure. Throughout the years, various tests such as high cholesterol, oxygen and metabolism tests, and PBI (protein bound iodine) tests have been used and discarded. The TSH test has been the generally accepted test for the past 40 years, and is now considered the gold standard for thyroid testing. For the first 20 years of this time frame, a TSH of under 5.5 was considered normal and no treatment was necessary. The TSH guideline has been lowered and treatment is prescribed when the TSH is in the 2-4 range, or even lower in some cases. Occasionally, the doctor will notice thyroid symptoms even though the TSH is low. He may call that "sub clinical hypothyroidism" and will then initiate treatment. This may be the reason why some doctors claim that a TSH test is not absolute as it only reveals the TSH in the blood, and not in the cells where it is so vital. A shortage of thyroid hormone can lower the metabolic rate and lead to a lower body temperature. Dr. Barnes applied this principle to design an axillary temperature test using a very accurate glass basal thermometer. He considered any person who has an axillary temperature of 1-2 degrees below normal to be hypothyroid and requiring treatment. I have used this procedure for the past 15 years to regulate my thyroid medicine instead of having my TSH taken at the doctor's office. New hypothyroid patients cannot make this test as it is now unlawful to manufacture glass mercury thermometers because of the danger of glass breakage. Unfortunately, this diagnostic test may no longer be available. 

4. Treatment of Hypothyroidism with Iodine: The medical profession has known for the past 100 years that an iodine deficiency is the main reason for hypothyroidism. That is why table salt was iodized with potassium iodide, and goiters then were essentially eliminated. Is it not reasonable to assume that an iodine prescription should be the first treatment for hypothyroidism? Potassium iodide at a strength of 225 mcg per pill, the normal daily amount required by the thyroid gland for output of thyroid hormone, was sold as an over-the-counter medicine for many years. A friend of mine claimed that his extreme fatigue problem was cured with this medicine. I also then started on potassium iodide and used it daily for 30 years. During that time period my health was excellent in spite of my not knowing that my hypothyroidism was being treated and probably cured. For some reason, unknown to me and my druggist, potassium iodide was removed from the drug stores around 1985. Who made that decision, and why? In a few years, without this medicine, my health problems such as fatigue, sinus infections (3 per year), muscle cramps, signs of arthritis, etc. began to appear during the next 10 years. I was finally diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism with Armour thyroid. This treatment was very successful as I once again have been very healthy for the past 15 years. Thanks to treating my hypothyroidism with the natural Armour thyroid! 

5. Treatment of Hypothyroidism with Thyroid Hormones: A confusing issue occurred in 2009 when Forest Pharmaceutical, the primary producer of Armour thyroid, discontinued this prescription with the claim that they could no longer purchase the main ingredient from the thyroid gland of a pig to make Armour. Another hoax! Will someone find out why the pig farmers would not sell this ingredient as pigs continued to be butchered? Surprisingly, one year later, they were once again able to purchase this ingredient from butchered pigs. Do they expect us to believe this shallow explanation that the thyroid glands of butchered pigs were not available for a one year interval? During that one year interim, the doctors were recommending that Armour thyroid users begin converting to Synthroid, a man-made hormone that contains only T4 iodine whereas Armour thyroid is the natural hormone that contains both T 4 and T3 iodine. Surprisingly, Synthroid is now the medicine usually prescribed by the doctors to treat hypothyroidism. Several years ago, an article by Oya Paugh claimed "I've searched the medical literature for comparisons between Synthroid and natural desiccated thyroid but could not find anything." If such be the case, what is the basis for doctors prescribing man-made Synthroid instead of the formerly used natural Armour thyroid? I have reason to believe that the new Armour thyroid prepared in 2010 by Forest Pharmaceutical is according to a different formula. I found that prescription was not as effective as the original Armour thyroid prescription which I can no longer get so I now order natural desiccated thyroid hormone called NDT from a compounding pharmacist. I am a retired veteran and can get my prescription from the VA but they do not handle Armour thyroid. I wonder why they do not approve of this prescription. 

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1. Oxygenation of the Cells: We know that all cells need oxygen to survive. The thyroid gland is an important part of the oxygenation system as it controls metabolism. This is what Dr. Broda Barnes has to say: "In severe hypothyroidism, studies have shown that the blood circulating per minute through the body may be reduced by as much as 40 percent, thus the effective oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is only 60 percent of normal. In milder cases of reduced thyroid function, the reduction in circulation is, of course, not nearly that severe. Yet even mild reduction of circulation, despite the presence of adequate hemoglobin and adequate red blood cells, can mean that less than normal amounts of oxygen are reaching the tissues." There are many persons with varying degrees of hypothyroidism. Please, medical profession, make a study with modem instruments to find out if hypothyroidism affects blood flow and oxygenation of the cells of these victims. What a wonderful study to learn if there is a correlation between hypothyroidism and oxygenation of the cells! 

2. Body Temperature: There is considerable controversy over the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. A possible alternative method called the axillary temperature test seems to have been ignored by the medical profession. During his 60 years of research on thyroid problems, Dr. Barnes began to realize that there may be a relationship between hypothyroidism and body temperature. This was based on the principle that thyroid hormones initiate metabolism, and metabolism controls and regulates body temperature. Dr. Barnes then developed the axillary temperature procedure to determine the degree of hypothyroidism. This procedure is fully explained in Chapter 7 of his book entitled "Hypothyroidism - the Unsuspected Illness". An interesting study would be to confirm this procedure by making a study of several hypothyroid patients who also have a low body temperature. Many Alzheimer patients could be likely candidates for such a study. The prescribed thyroid hormone to be used would be the original Armour thyroid, the preference of Dr. Barnes. If such a 3-4 month study indicates further continued work, I would suggest the next step would be to devise a continuous body cell temperature test, possibly using blood temperatures as a better indicator than a once-a-day axillary temperature test. If the test work continues to show promise, a next step may be to use the hypothyroid/temperature relationship to determine which of the many present medicines would be the better choice. Another test would be to find out whether potassium iodide may be used to prevent hypothyroidism as versus thyroid hormones to cure hypothyroidism. 

3. Lung Cancer: The medical profession has been involved in cancer research for many years, and has not been very successful in preventing cancer. It seems to me that their research has been limited to curing or relieving cancer symptoms by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and several exotic and expensive prescription drugs. In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for establishing from his research that cancer cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Dr. Warburg states, "Cancer has only one prime cause and that is the absence of oxygen in the cells. The presence of oxygen inhibits the spread of cancer cells and eventually will cause them to die. A shortage of oxygen to the cells causes them to ferment instead of metabolizing into heat and energy. The result is cancer." Has the medical profession overlooked this marvelous research which was done 85 years ago? Let me emphasize a comment by Dr. Warburg that, "Cancer of the heart does not exist." There are 150,000 lung cancer deaths per year, the difference being that oxygenated blood from the lungs is first delivered to the heart whereas the lungs are the last organs to receive any oxygen remaining in the blood. What a wonderful example of an oxygen deficiency being the prime cause of cancer! Dr. Broda Barnes, an endocrinologist who researched hypothyroid problems for much of his illustrious career, says, "It may be only coincidence that among the thousands of patients that I have placed on thyroid therapy, not one has developed lung cancer." WOW!! This observation certainly gives credence to the theory that hypothyroidism can interfere with the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the body cells. In the early part of the 19th century, lung cancer was a very rare disease. It would be interesting to learn why there has been a drastic increase in the last 60 or 70 years. Why are the portions of the lungs that develop cancer more deficient in oxygen than they were 100 years ago? A concerted effort should be made to do research on supplying oxygen to the cells. If the blood is fully oxygenated when it reaches the cells, lung cancer will be a disease of the past. 

4. Alzheimer's Disease: There are an estimated 5 million Americans of all ages, of which 95% are over 65, with Alzheimer's in 2016. Alzheimer's is one of the few diseases among the top 10 causes of death in America that cannot be prevented, cured, or even slowed. My studies have led me to the belief that a shortage of oxygen to the brain is a major cause of Alzheimer's. That oxygen shortage may very well be attributable to a shortage of thyroid hormone, referred to as hypothyroidism. My brother-in-law was an Alzheimer's patient who showed considerable improvement when he was treated with Armour thyroid for one month. Unfortunately, he was a disabled veteran from WWII and began to recall his terrible experiences in the Battle of the Bulge in Germany. Mr. T then became very difficult to deal with so the nursing home discontinued his thyroid hormone prescription and he returned to his former state of utter confusion. Eight years ago, I corresponded with the Mayo Clinic about Mr. T's experience and requested that they do some similar Hypothyroid/Alzheimer's studies. Their final letter stated, "The treatment is safe and would be interesting." However, they also claimed that they could not make such a study as there was no funding available. Isn't it interesting that the National Institute of Health funds some 500 million dollars every year for Alzheimer's Disease research projects and not one cent, to my knowledge, is spent on a Hypothyroid/ Alzheimer's study? This is another debilitating disease that has been researched for the past 60 years, with no success in either finding a prevention or a cure. There are 5 million Alzheimer patients, their families and friends who would welcome such a trial run. Will a doctor please treat some of these patients who are also hypothyroid with an original Armour thyroid prescription to learn if a similar result to Mr. T. will occur? 

5. Autism: Autism is a neurological disorder that affects information processing in the brain. Autism was essentially unheard of some 60 years ago. Almost 2 million individuals in the U.S. have autism, and prevalence is now estimated at 1 in 68 births as autism is one of the fastest growing serious childhood disabilities. Autism costs our nation over 238 billion dollars per year. 

An illness that is similar to autism, but more severe, is cretinism. Both illnesses have many of the same mental and emotional problems. The medical profession has substantially reduced the symptoms of cretinism by testing the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) at birth, and then administering thyroid medicine as needed. Maybe the TSH number for infants should be lowered even further when defining hypothyroidism. Possible autism cases may then be reduced if additional children were treated with thyroid hormone and would then receive more oxygen to the brain. 

When my grandson with autism was prescribed thyroid hormone at age five, his body PH increased from the acidic 5.5 to the neutral 7.0, a true indication that he had been deficient in oxygen. Unfortunately, he was not treated for hypothyroidism at an earlier age. 

There is no other treatment that has shown any promise, so will some research group please investigate thyroid therapy at the first indication of autism? 

6. Fluoride Study: Fluorotyrosine, a fluoride preparation, was used in 1937 to treat hyperthyroidism, an over-active thyroid gland. Fluoride is now added to potable water with the premise that is will lessen tooth decay. Fluoride can be damaging to the thyroid gland and it would be of interest to find out the extent of any damage. However, it is impractical to study the use of various amounts of fluoride on humans. Pigs must have a thyroid system similar to humans as their thyroid gland was removed, dried, and formulated into Armour thyroid, the first prescription to treat hypothyroidism. Therefore, it seems that a bunch of baby pigs would be the ideal candidates on which to make such a study. Separate the pigs into several groups and feed some regular water and the others with various concentrations of fluoridated water, and maybe even give some an extra dosage for experimental purposes. The next step is to have the farmer or veterinarian check the conditions of the pigs, especially any health issues that may be related to hypothyroidism such as TSH tests, low body temperature, high cholesterol readings, weight gain, mental confusion, etc. Let's find out if fluoride will create hypothyroidism in pigs, and then ultimately in humans. 

7. Honey Bees and Other Pollinators: The massive world-wide die-off of honey bees has been one of the biggest environmental scares of this century. One of the main culprits is believed to be pesticides, especially neonicotinoids, which can be very toxic to bees. A toxic chemical that has been overlooked and has been cumulating in our lands and waterways over the past 60 years is fluoride that is contained in the final fluoridated water deposition of sewage treatment and irrigation. Most home gardens and many commercial flower and vegetable gardens are irrigated with fluoridated water. This chemical is then available to honey bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and can damage their nerves and thyroid system. Will this lead to mental confusion and dis-orientation, and eventually their die-off?  

Will the researchers please find out if fluoride can be one of the toxic chemicals that is causing the die-off of honey bees? A good experiment would be to establish several separate pollinating sites for each beehive to pollinate their specific area. The next step is to water each site with rain water or several varying concentrations of fluoridated water. Then have some honey bee experts and the beehive owners maintain a record of the progress and condition of the honey bees. 

Let's find out if fluoridated water is contributing to the die-off of honey bees and other pollinators. 

8. High Cholesterol Treatment: Lipitor is one of the statins that was first synthesized in 1985 and has been the usual treatment for high cholesterol for the past 20 years. Lipitor is one of the world's best-selling drugs and generates about 10 billion dollars in sales each year. 

Prior to the discovery of Lipitor, Armour thyroid was the prescription that was used for many years to treat high cholesterol. I would like to briefly discuss my experience with Armour thyroid and cholesterol. In 1998, the doctor recommended that I start Lipitor on a daily basis as my total cholesterol was 220. This was the first full time prescription that I ever needed. I opted for Armour thyroid as I was also diagnosed as hypothyroid. I began on 30 mg per day of Armour and in five years my cholesterol had dropped to 180. I gradually increased the amount through the years and I now take 120 mg in the summer and 150 mg in the winter. I am pleased to say that my cholesterol has been under 150 for the past eight years, and my hypothyroidism is also under control as my TSH is less than 1.0. 

I am unaware of any studies that have been made to compare the treatment of high cholesterol with Armour thyroid and its replacement, Lipitor. The use of Lipitor provides such a lucrative financial income to the medical and pharmaceutical industries that it is unrealistic to expect them to make such a study. 

Hypothyroidism and high cholesterol seem to occur more frequently than in the past. What could be the reason for this? Could fluoridated water be the cause as it is an accepted fact that fluoride affects the thyroid gland? Will either the government or a private entrepreneur arrange a study to find out if the original Armour thyroid will control high cholesterol as effectively as its replacement, Lipitor. 

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I wish to emphasize that I am not a medical doctor. I am a retired engineer who became interested in my health when I was diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism 18 years ago. My initial information was acquired from a book entitled "Hypothyroidism - the Unsuspected Illness." 

Ten years prior to this hypothyroidism treatment, at which time I could no longer purchase potassium iodide at the drug stores, I began to get three sinus infections each year and every year for the next ten years - a total of 30 bad sinus infections for which the only cure was amoxicillin. Since I have been on thyroid hormone for the past eighteen years, I have had only three minor sinus infections. I was surprised that several other health problems that I and my family had were also resolved by simply taking a thyroid hormone prescription. These are described on

I then began to wonder why hypothyroidism was becoming so prevalent and was the cause of many health problems. Of special interest was an internet article, "The Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid Gland" by Barry Durrant-Peatfield. It was then becoming apparent to me that fluoride was a major cause of hypothyroidism because that element was displacing the iodine necessary for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone, and was also damaging the thyroid gland. 

My next concern was the reason why so many people are now afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, and Lung Cancer. When I was discharged from the military in 1948 and when I graduated from an engineering college in 1952, there was no Alzheimer's Disease, there was no Autism, and Lung Cancer was rare. Where did these illnesses come from, and why has the medical profession been so unsuccessful in learning how to prevent them? 

One condition that all three illnesses have is an oxygen deficiency to the cells. Both Alzheimer's Disease and Autism are mental confusion probably caused by an oxygen deficiency to the brain. Lung Cancer is definitely an oxygen deficiency to the cancer cells as discovered by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg. 

It is well known that fluoride is even more toxic than lead. Most Americans have been drinking this poisonous chemical every day for their entire life. A small drop of fluoride every day has been accumulating in the elderly for as many as sixty years. This poison is so dangerous that it even turns white tooth enamel into a brown color, reduces bone strength, damages nerves, damages the thyroid system which regulates oxygen delivery to the cells, and causes many health problems. 

Based on my studies, I have developed a hypothesis that "Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, and Lung Cancer are Caused by Hypothyroidism, an Insidious Illness that is Directly Related to the Fluoridation of our Drinking Water." I am pleading with any person affiliated with any of these illnesses to assist me in finding out if my hypothesis has merit and is worthy of further investigation. Let's find out if ingestion of this toxic fluoride via fluoridated water is the hoax which I believe it to be and, if so, should the required use of fluoridated water be eliminated. Give consideration to the fact that all three illnesses began to appear about sixty years ago, the same time that water fluoridation began. 

Finally, I recommend that anyone who has a medical problem for which there does not seem to be a solution could take an axillary temperature to find out if they have a thyroid problem. If the temperature is below 97 degrees F, consult a doctor to check for hypothyroidism. The axillary temperature procedure can be found on the internet. 

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PHASE 2 (MARCH 2018)


Phase 2 is being added to this website to update my research that hypothyroidism is the major cause of Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, and Lung Cancer due to the fluoridation of our drinking water. I am also including a couple of the many other illnesses that are also caused by hypothyroidism.


Autism is a mental and emotional condition that became a significant health issue for young children beginning in the 1950s. Coincidentally, that is about the same time period when fluoridation of our drinking water commenced. My research has led me to believe that there is a fluoridated water/autism connection that is especially onerous to young children.

At a workshop in 1994 by dentists and pediatricians, it was decided that fluoridated water should not be used in preparing formulas for babies under six months of age. This policy was changed, and the current recommendation is that baby formula may be prepared with normal tap water that contains 0.7 mg/liter of fluoride. Why was such a drastic change made, and by whom?

This is very unreasonable, as a ten pound baby with a normal one gram thyroid will daily receive 0.7mg of fluoride, the same amount as an adult with a normal thyroid gland of 15 - 25 grams. Each cell in the baby's tiny thyroid gland is then receiving 15 times as much fluoride as an adult.

Such an excessive amount of fluoride will displace the iodine required by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. The result will be hypothyroidism, and ultimately autism due to a shortage of oxygen to the brain. This is why autism was almost unheard of in the 1950's, while there are now 1 in 68 children that develop autism.

The same above condition applies to all young pre-school children who begin to drink fluoridated tap water. Will you parents ask your dentists and pediatricians if it is okay for these small children to consume on a daily basis as much fluoride as an adult?


Please remember that Alzheimer's Disease was essentially unheard of some 60 years ago. Is this illness thyroid related, and is fluoride the culprit, as that is when fluoridation of our drinking water commenced? More than 5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's and the total is rapidly increasing. Nobody seems to have a solution to this devastating illness which is placing a tremendous burden on our government health care costs, and especially for the patients and their families and friends.

Why is the medical industry spending enormous sums of money on treating Alzheimer's and doing costly research to develop prescription medicines, yet continues to ignore studies that Hypothyroidism/Alzheimer's may be inter-related. When the Mayo Clinic says that a study using thyroid medicines to treat Alzheimer's patients would be interesting, I believe the time has come to make such a study.

The National Institute of Aging (NIA) funds 29 Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers, including the Mayo Clinic, and other major medical institutions across the nation to find a cure and possibly prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Will the NIA insist that each of these Research Centers undertake an inexpensive preliminary study on a dozen or so patients to treat their Hypothyroidism/Alzheimer's condition? The results may be very surprising!



This research discovery earned Dr. Otto Warburg a Nobel Prize in 1931. Cancer has only one prime cause, and that is a shortage of oxygen to the cells. These cells then ferment and become cancerous. Dr Warburg further says, "Cancer cells are oxygen depleted while healthy cells have a high oxygen content."

Very little research, if any, is being done to prevent the prime cause of cancer by improving the delivery of oxygen to the cells.  Most research deals with secondary causes of cancer such as smoking, air pollution, exposure to various minerals, poor living conditions, etc. Substantial amounts of money are also spent on developing new prescription medicines. 

Dr. Broda Barnes claims, "In severe hypothyroidism, studies have shown that the blood circulating per minute may be reduced by as much as 40 percent, thus the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is only 60 percent of normal.  Yet even mild reduction of circulation can mean that less than normal amounts of oxygen are reaching the tissues." 

The time has come for some extensive studies on the combined research by these two brilliant doctors. There are certainly many lung cancer patients with a shortage of oxygen to their cells who are also hypothyroid and would welcome such a study. 

Let me suggest that the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center may be an appropriate organization to make such a study. They could be in direct contact with Dr. James R. Miner, a professor of Emergency Medicine at the U of Mn and who is also very knowledgeable on perfusion monitors. This new technology allows the doctor to see how much oxygen is delivered to the body. Insufficient oxygen - fermented cells and cancer; Sufficient oxygen - healthy cells and no cancer! 

What an excellent study to learn if "Lung Cancer is caused by Hypothyroidism, an Insidious Illness that is Directly Related to the Fluoridation of our Drinking Water." 


Once again, at the beginning of cold weather, the flu season has raised its ugly head. To maintain the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees F in cold weather, metabolism must be increased to produce more heat. Thyroid hormones regulate this process and, if in short supply, hypothyroidism appears. Body temperatures become much lower, viruses develop, and infectious diseases such as the flu become widespread. 

One of the treatments in past years has been to treat the thyroid condition with a thyroid prescription, thereby increasing the body temperature. This procedure was very successful in destroying the viruses via a higher temperature, and the flu was usually cured. 

The medical profession is now trying to prevent the flu with vaccinations, and is having limited success.  Let me suggest they do some research to destroy any viruses by increasing the body temperature to 98.6 degrees F. If you have a lower than normal body temperature, ask your doctors if they will also recommend thyroid treatment that was a favorite for infectious diseases by Dr. Barnes. 

Ultimately, even hypothyroidism will be significantly eradicated by eliminating the fluoridation of our potable water.


I wish to re-emphasize that cholesterol testing was the first procedure used by the medical profession to diagnose hypothyroidism. Twenty years ago, at my annual physical, my total cholesterol was 220 and my TSH was 7.5. A small dosage (30 mg) of Armour thyroid lowered both my cholesterol and TSH into the normal range. This was to be expected as both health issues occur together. 

My Armour thyroid prescription became unavailable in 2009, so I am now on a natural desiccated thyroid hormone prescription prepared by a compounding pharmacist. As I approach 90 years of age, I have required additional thyroid medicine to keep my hypothyroid symptoms under control.

The doctors were pleased to report that at my recent physical, the TSH was under 1.0, my total cholesterol was 131, HDL at 44, LDL at 70, and all other lab tests were in a healthy range. Thank goodness for being on a thyroid prescription that is natural to the body instead of the foreign-to-the-body man made statin such as Lipitor or Crestor. 

My interest in cholesterol treatment was aroused when I read that President Trump's total cholesterol was 223 after being treated with the statin drug - Crestor. I would like to recommend that his doctors do research on the natural thyroid medicine as a preferred treatment. Maybe he would then have normal cholesterol readings to protect his heart and circulatory system. 


On February 20, 2018, Minnesota 3M Company settled a lawsuit for $850 million to help remedy the drinking water pollution that they created by disposing of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in Minneapolis dump sites for 40 years. This chemical ultimately drained into the aquifer from where drinking water is now procured. The lawsuit was based on research claiming that the PFCs cause cancer, birth defects, and thyroid problems.

On February 13, 2017, DuPont Chemical settled a similar lawsuit for $651 million because they disposed of perfluorochemical (PFOA) in a dump site in West Virginia. This chemical also drained into an aquifer and supposedly caused serious health problems.

Both chemicals contained a fluoride compound as a primary ingredient. A similar compound which also has fluoride as the primary ingredient has been added to our potable water for the past 60 years, ostensibly to prevent tooth cavities.

Each person normally drinks one quart of water per day; however, 100 gallons (400 quarts) of fluoridated water per person are prepared at the water treatment plant each day. This process could have been made optional to the individual by making a small daily pill of 0.7 mg of fluoride.

The fluoride that is used in 399 quarts to daily produce fluoridated water would no longer be needed, and should be deposited in a hazardous waste dump in a specific area. A Very Sad Situation! Our government sues 3M and DuPont for depositing a fluoride chemical on our lands, and they also recommend that all potable water be fluoridated for 2/3 (200,000,000 persons) of the U.S. population. This poisonous chemical will also ultimately enter many of the U.S. aquifers and cause many health problems due to hypothyroidism originating from a thyroid problem.



"Are Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water Associated with Hypothyroidism" is the title of an extensive study that was made in England in 2015. Their conclusion was: "We found a positive association between fluoride levels and hypothyroidism" and "Consideration needs to be given to reducing fluoride exposure, and dental health should stop the reliance on ingested fluoride and switch to topical fluoride."

This study provides compelling evidence why fluoridation of our drinking water should not be mandatory. That is why hypothyroidism and its many associated illnesses have become so prevalent. Thyroid problems (hypothyroidism) have doubled in the past ten years and are now labeled as epidemic by Dr. Oz.

"Hypothyroidism - the Unsuspected Illness" is undoubtedly a major reason why the U.S. medical costs are double those of other industrialized countries. Our country was instrumental in fluoridation of drinking water by making laws to that effect. They now have an obligation to make changes to prevent the U.S. health program from bankruptcy.

Fluoridation of our potable water must be stopped. Following are the reasons why:

1. Fluoridation of drinking water to lessen tooth decay is unnecessary. This procedure can be replaced by making a small "tooth cavity pill" that contains 0.7 mg of fluoride. This daily pill will substitute for the daily consumption of one quart of fluoridated water.

2. Daily consumption of fluoride will then be optional and the amount can be controlled.

3. 0.7 mg of fluoride on a daily basis is excessive for small children. This amount will have a damaging effect on their small thyroid gland, and will lead to hypothyroidism, a shortage of oxygen to the cells, and this to many physical and mental problems.

4. Every day, approximately 20 billion gallons of fluoridated  water are deposited onto our lands and into our waterways via sewer systems and crop irrigation. This must cease. This poisonous chemical does not degrade in the environment, and thus becomes available to animals, insects, birds, fish, and especially honey bees and other pollinators.

5. Furthermore, this enormous disposal of fluoride ultimately drains into many of the U.S. aquifers. Our country will someday encounter the same enormous expenses caused by pollution of these aquifers that 3M and DuPont are now encountering. Our supply of fresh underground water must be protected.

6. Preparation of fluoridated water by thousands of city water treatment plants will no longer be necessary. The substitution  of a "tooth cavity pill" will be considerably cheaper.

7. This is a terrible way to get rid of a waste product. It is the producers of this poisonous chemical that should be responsible for its final disposition. The public is instead required to drink fluoridated water and then pipe the residue to our lands and waterways.

8. A wonderful conclusion to discontinuing the use of fluoridated water will be that hypothyroidism will be substantially reduced and many subsequent health problems will be prevented.



Again, I want to make it clear that I am not a medical doctor. The following articles are based on my family's experiences and from what I have read. For more information on hypothyroid illnesses, consult a doctor.

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Coronavirus is another infectious disease that has become very widespread because of "Hypothyroidism - the Unsuspected Illness." Ingestion of fluoridated water will cause this disease to result in a large number of Coronavirus deaths.

Fluoridated water contains 0.7 mg/liter of the poisonous chemical, H2SiF6. This can also be shown in chemical terms as 0.7 parts per million or 700,000 parts per trillion. Compare this to the fluoride chemical, PFAS, in the aquifers that is claimed to cause thyroid problems ar 70 parts per trillion. This is why I refer to fluoridated water as a very poisonous chemical that will create hypothyroidism.  

A nation-wide study in England concluded that there is a positive association between fluoride levels and hypothyroidism. Their final answer was, "Dental health should stop the reliance on ingested fluoride and switch to topical fluoride for tooth cavities." Fluoridation of 100 gallons per day per person with this chemical is a great example of "over-medicating" and then creating another serious health issue.

It has become very obvious that fluoridated water is a primary cause of hypothyroidism. This chemical is responsible for several symptoms of Coronavirus such as coagulation of the blood that results in a reduced circulation rate, less delivery of oxygenated blood causing a deficiency of oxygen to the cells, and poor metabolism causing body temperatures of 2 - 3 degrees below normal.

This claim can be meaningfully investigated by conducting blood circulating tests on nursing home patients who have a low body temperature, are hypothyroid, and are susceptible to the contagious Coronavirus disease. If hypothyroidism is successfully treated, the body will once again receive an adequate supply of oxygen. Metabolism should return to normal and body temperature may even increase to the normal 98.6 degrees instead of the present usual 97.4 degrees.

Hypothyroidism and the concomitant shortage of oxygen to the cells is a very likely cause of Coronavirus. Why does the U.S. have less than 5 percent of the world's population and yet has 25 percent of the world's Coronavirus deaths when we supposedly have the best medical facilities?

 This calculates out to 1 death per 5,000 persons in the U.S., and 1 death per 30,000 persons in the world. A world average rate would have the U.S. with 10,000 deaths instead of the present 65,000. The difference, of course, may be that we have an extra amount of "man-created" hypothyroidism from ingested fluoridated water. That is such a sad method to ostensibly prevent tooth decay.

If you are in agreement that my research is worthy of further investigation, please discuss with the medical profession that the government stop the fluoridation of our potable water. There is enough natural occurring hypothyroidism without more of this "man-creating" terrible disease via fluoridated water.

Elimination of fluoridated water and the use of topical fluoride tooth treatment will be an interesting study. I foresee no disadvantages. The advantages that I foresee because of the decrease in hypothyroidism, the prime cause of Coronavirus symptoms, are: A cost saving with no fluoridated water preparation; No further "man-created" hypothyroidism and it's expensive thyroid treatment costs; Fewer diseases for children who ingest too much fluoride at an early age; Fewer illnesses for seniors who will no longer be ingesting one drop of this poison every day of their life; Fewer nursing homes necessary for healthier grandparents; Fewer hospitals and less elderly care; Finally - much less treatment necessary for any remaining Coronavirus.

Phase 3 is being added to further update this website on my 20 years of research on The Potable Water Fluoridated Hoax. Please refer to Phase 1 and Phase 2 for further information on other diseases caused by fluoridated water.


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Again, I want to make it clear that I am not a medical doctor. These articles are based on my family's experiences and from what I have read. For more information on hypothyroidism, consult a doctor.