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In my opinion, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public was the fluoridation of our potable water system, beginning some 70 years ago. I wish to emphasize that I am not a medical doctor. I am a retired engineer who became interested in my health when I was diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism some 20 years ago. The contents are based on the personal experiences of myself and my family.


Fluorides are very toxic and were listed as poisons under the Poisons Act of 1972 by the United Kingdom. Examples of poisonous fluoride compounds are Sarin Gas which was outlawed as a weapon of mass destruction in warfare, Freon Gas which is no longer used as the cooling agent in air conditioners as it is harmful to the ozone layer in the atmosphere, and fluorotyrosine that had been used to cure hyperthyroidism but was considered too unpredictable to use. Even the PFAS compounds which are waste products from manufacturing products made with fluoride are said to cause a thyroid problem.


The laws of chemistry are that fluorine is more reactive than iodine, and will therefore cause a thyroid problem by replacing the iodine in the thyroid gland. This poisonous chemical is however considered safe to ingest by our government. Therefore, individuals are required to drink fluoridated water to prevent tooth cavities, but that chemical will cause other health problems. Fluoridated water is prepared with a fluoride compound of 0.7 mg/liter (700,000 parts per trillion) as compared to PFAS fluoride compounds in the aquifers at 70 parts per trillion that are said to cause a thyroid problem. Furthermore, fluoride is so potent that it will alter our beautiful white teeth to a brown color by a process referred to as fluorosis.

Fluoridation of drinking water is especially onerous to young children. A young baby with a normal 2-3 gram thyroid gland will also ingest 0.7 mg of fluoride per day, the same amount as an adult with a normal thyroid gland of 15-25 grams. Each cell in the baby’s thyroid gland is then receiving 10 times as much poisonous fluoride as an adult. They are then very susceptible to hypothyroidism.


Low thyroid function is the cause of hypothyroidism and its many associated mental and physical illnesses. In 2015, England made a very intensive nation-wide study entitled,

“Are Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water Associated with Hypothyroidism.” Their conclusion provided this compelling evidence: “We found a positive association between fluoride levels and hypothyroidism” and “Consideration needs to be given to reducing fluoride exposure, and dental health should stop the reliance on ingested fluoride and switch to topical fluoride.”

With such a considerable amount of evidence that fluorides cause a thyroid problem and ultimately hypothyroidism, and the extensive study that fluoridated water is associated with hypothyroidism, why does our government continue to fluoridate all potable water? Our government is thereby creating many of the cases of hypothyroidism. Is this why the U.S. has 20 million individuals with a thyroid problem? This disease is normally treated with thyroid chemicals at a yearly cost of billions of dollars. If hypothyroidism is not effectively treated, an oxygen deficiency in the cells will occur.

 Iodine is converted by the thyroid gland into the usable thyroid hormones, thyroxine(T4) and triiodothyronine(T3), that control and regulate blood circulation. If the process is disrupted, such as by fluoridated water displacing the iodine, blood will coagulate in the arteries, blood clots will form, and blood circulation will be inhibited.

In severe hypothyroidism, studies have shown that the blood circulating per minute throughout the body may be reduced by as much as 40 percent, thus the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is only 60 percent of normal. Even mild reduction of circulation can mean that less than normal amounts of oxygen are reaching the tissues.

An actual study should be undertaken by our government, with the reliance on the expertise of the medical profession, to finally determine whether fluoridated water and other sources of fluoride are the major cause of hypothyroidism. Let me suggest that 1 of the U.S. 50 states shall be made fluoride free for 1-2 years during the research program. Of course, the daily use of fluoridated water will be discontinued. All canned food and all liquids, including beer, that are prepared with fluoridated water will no longer be consumed by residents in that state who agree to participate in this study.

Such a research study will be interesting, will be inexpensive, and will cause no harm as topical fluoride to prevent tooth cavities is still optional. Thyroid problems will be immediately corrected, and the damaging effects of hypothyroidism will be resolved as oxygen levels return to normal. We must find out if ingested fluoride is the manifestation of many health problems in the U.S. Several months of “no fluoride ingestion” to the individuals in this state should show some remarkable improvements in many health issues.



 Many new diseases have seemed to appear since the advent of fluoridated water in the 1950s. When I was discharged from the military in 1948, and when I graduated from an engineering university in 1952, there was no Autism, there was no Alzheimer’s Disease, and Lung Cancer was rare.

Where did these diseases come from? Were they due to an oxygen deficiency in the body due to hypothyroidism?


This recent infectious disease is especially fatal to persons that are deficient in oxygen. It is very widespread in the elderly because they have been consuming fluoridated water for most of their life. A large portion of the elderly have a thyroid problem, a low body temperature due to poor metabolism, and are hypothyroid.

Excessive hypothyroidism in the U.S. because of fluoridated water may very well be the reason why we have less than

5 percent of the world’s population, yet have 20 percent of the Coronavirus deaths. Is an oxygen deficiency caused by fluoridated water also a major reason why U.S. health care costs are twice as high as in other industrialized countries?


Autism is a childhood neurological disease that affects information processing in the brain. Some children are born with an imperfect thyroid gland, and are labeled as autistic. However, most of the 2 million cases in the U.S. developed between the ages of 2-4 years. These children were probably drinking fluoridated water for a couple of years and were then subjected to hypothyroidism which caused an oxygen shortage to the brain.

Did autism become a major illness in your children with a very small thyroid gland when they began drinking the same fluoridated water as an adult?


There are an estimated 5 million Americans of all ages with Alzheimer’s Disease, of which 95 percent are over 65 years of age. All have been drinking the required fluoridated water for their entire life, and have been subjected to hypothyroidism that is causing an oxygen shortage to the brain.

This devastating disease has been a medical dilemma for the past 70 years. No one seems to have an answer to this illness that is placing a tremendous burden on our governmental health care costs. The Mayo Clinic says that a study using thyroid medicines to treat Alzheimer’s patients would be interesting; however, they claimed that they could not make such a study as there was no funding available. The hypothyroidism study which I am proposing should have a significant effect on reducing the frequency of Alzheimer’s.


In the early part of the 19th century, lung cancer was a very rare disease. It would be interesting to find out why there has been a drastic increase as there are now 150,000 lung cancer deaths per year. The answer may be found in Dr. Otto Warburg’s research that earned him a Nobel Prize in 1931. His research concluded that “Cancer has only one prime cause, and that is the absence of oxygen in the cells. These cells then ferment and become cancerous. The only place in your body where there is no oxygen is the cancer site.” If the cells were fully oxygenated, there would be no cancer.

Please follow up on my proposed fluoridated water/hypothyroidism research program. This research will furnish evidence as to whether fluoridated water has been a major cause of an absence of oxygen in the cells, and subsequently a prime cause of cancer. If this research is successful in curing hypothyroidism, oxygen in the body will be replenished and lung cancer and other forms of cancer will be prevented.


The massive die-off of pollinating honey bees has been one of the biggest worries of the farming industry. One of the main culprits is believed to be pesticides, especially neonicotinoids. Why has fluoridated water, a fluoride pesticide at 700,000 parts per trillion in poisonous chemical terminology, been considered safe or maybe overlooked.

Every day, 100 gallons of fluoridated water are prepared for each of 200 million individuals in the U.S. by adding a fluoride chemical to potable water. These 20 billion gallons of fluoride pesticide will be deposited on our lands and waterways every day via crop irrigation and sewer systems. This poisonous chemical does not degrade and is available to pollinating honey bees and butterflies. Let us find out if this toxic chemical is the cause of the demise of these pollinators.

The toxicity of fluoridated water can be readily determined by establishing two farming sites, one that will water the produce with normal water and the other site that will use the same water to which 0.7 mg/liter of fluoride has been added. Personnel who are knowledgeable about honey bees can then make a decision on the use of fluoridated water.


Why are we in the U.S. required to drink fluoridated water?

Positive Aspects of Water Fluoridation:

  1. Absolutely none
  2. A nation-wide study in England claimed that ingestion of fluoride is unnecessary as topical fluoride treatment of the teeth is adequate to prevent cavities.

Negative Aspects of Water Fluoridation:

  1. This causes many of the 20 million cases of hypothyroidism in the U.S.
  2. Many extra Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are caused by hypothyroidism.
  3. Treatment costs are quite expensive. The best treatment was Armour Thyroid, but it is seldom available as most pigs are given fluoridated water.
  4. If hypothyroidism is not effectively treated, a thyroid inefficiency will cause poor circulation, and blood clots will form - oxygen levels will be reduced and lead to seemingly incurable illnesses - body temperature will decrease, and infectious diseases requiring vaccinations will occur.
  5. Fluorosis will occur and teeth will turn brown.

Every day, 20 billion gallons of fluoridated water is deposited on our lands and waterways via crop irrigation and sewer systems. This poisonous fluoride residue will damage the ozone layer, will be available to honey bees and other pollinators, and will eventually leach into aquifers and pollute a primary source of our drinking water. Let us stop the ruination of everyone’s health by ingesting fluoridated water (also referred to as fluoride insecticide).



The author of this paper is not a medical doctor. The contents are based on the personal experiences of himself and his family.

June 2021

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